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What we do


Kalsex Solutions limited will help your organization to have a stable computer network which will interconnect various computers to share software, hardware and data through a communication medium between them. The computers connected in a network share files, folders, applications and resources like scanner, web-cams, printers etc.

During 20th century the most important technology has been the information gathering, its processing and distribution. The computers and communications have been merged together and their merger has had a profound effect on the manner in which computer systems are organized.

The old model in which a single computer used to serve all the computational needs of an organization has been replaced by a new one in which a large number of separate but interconnected computers do the job. Such systems are called as computer networks.

Growth in the Solution Integration (SI) services market is fueled by the need for seamless business processes across an organization’s complete value chain of customers, partners, suppliers, and employees. KASLEX’s services enable clients to identify, develop, and implement the best-fit solutions which are equipped to meet their changing business requirements.

KASLEX’s Solution Network Integration services offer to:

  • Leverage IT investments
  • Minimize risks
  • Maximize compatibility
  • Maximize interoperability


KASLEX provides total project management, right from architectural design, integration, system and interface development to migration backed by world-class methodologies, well-defined solution frameworks and extensive integration experience with the following networks.

  • Voice over IP (VoIP) & Data
  • LAN/WAN/MAN Networking
  • Fiber Optic Networking.
  • Networked Access Control, Alarm systems, CCTV Surveillance and other security systems.