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Kayonza Growers Tea Factory

What we do

Implementation of fingerprint Biometric Time and attendance Management System

Installation of Biometric Time and Attendance Management Systems, it also involved training staff on how to use the Management System Installed

ClientKayonza Growers Tea Factory
ScopeICT HR Management System
ICT Manager Stuart

01  Challenge

We always discuss with our clients  about how to customize our software to solve the business problem of the client


The factory pays overtime to staff who works for more than eight hours, some staff could stay around beyond working hours and sign in the manual overtime without having worked overtime and this caused the factory to spend more money in terms of overtime. 

The other challenge was staff escaping from duty and claim to have worked. Employees would come in and go out of the factory un noticed.

02  Feedback

We always look for feedback from our client

Usually after installation and training the Information System Users, we keep giving free support for 3 months and the feedback is that the system is working well.

03  Solution

After discussing with the client it was important to install fingerprint time and Attendance Management System

Fingerprint biometric time and attendance has improved efficiency and accountability and ensuring that factory staff comply with the duty time. The clock in Machine should has enough memory to keep utilization records for one month so that it is used as a basis for paying salaries and wages to the factory staff. This has helped to harmonize records of the employees and paymaster