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Time and Attendance Management System

At Kaslex Solutions Limited, we build a software from scratch and we are proud to state that we are not resellers. We own our software products and therefore we are able to customize our software according to our customer needs and we have done this to most of our clients.


Biometric Clock in System (Biometric time and Attendance System)

Our Biometric Clocking in Software provides you and your Human Resource Team a powerful management solution that will help you to calculate payroll time and cost at the same time providing useful human resource information easily.  Our Clock in System will give you a complete control of aspects of your employees’ clock in system using high level encrypted biometric technology like face, fingerprint, pin, RFID, Iris, vein etc


Biometric Clock machine collects employees punching information and information is send to the server for further processing

Our Biometric Clock in System does the following steps effectively

  1. Attendance: Collect punching information from biometric clock in machines or terminals
  2. Transfer of Data; Transfer Data from the Biometric Clock in Machines to the server
  3. Management of Data; The system will help you manage overtime, normal working ours, leave, time off and Permissions
  4. Central Control: Our System will help you manage different work stations in different Regions, Districts or Countries to be monitored and controlled at the center or head office


Our biometric clock in system will;

  • Calculate employees hours worked by giving you time in and out
  • Calculate overtime worked
  • Detect early exit from work
  • Manage duty rota/shift systems
  • Deduct and highlight late arrive at work
  • Detect absence from work
  • Manage all types leave e.g Annual leave, sick leave, Maternity leave etc
  • Define leave year end process cycle
  • Allows to create multiple branches, department, sections, designations, grades and categories
  • Sends SMS / Email alerts for various per-defined events such as User Events, Monthly Attendance, and Missing In/Out Punch to multiple users automatically on the occurrence of any such events
  • Facilitates corrections and manual entries of entry-exit events like attendance records, overtime/C-OFF hours, late-in/early-out timings, etc.
  • Offers integration through API, database to database and customized export template
  • Allows creating 200+ time-attendance, and shifts related reports and colourful charts using various filters and formats, also offers customized reports
  • Offers generation of various statutory reports
  • Offers an option to assign a new shift automatically based on user’s punch details
  • Monitors late-in entry and early-out exit of employees based on their shift timings
  • Manages unlimited shifts and 999 schedules
  • Interprets User punches for entry or exit depending on attendance policy configuration
  • Manages continuous shifts as well as overnight shifts
  • Allows calculating overtime on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis
  • Facilitates converting overtime hours to compensatory off hours and offer additional leave or encashment options
  • Allows creating multiple shifts and schedules with break time, grace time, off day, repeat days, etc. to manage workforce of organization
  • Allows creating 30 holiday schedule groups with 32 holidays in each group
  • Send customized SMS and email messages to announce gatherings, meetings, latest news, changed rules, etc.
  • Offers User-wise and Period-wise options with Late-In, Early-Out, Overtime, C-OFF and Absenteeism Policies
  • Offers generation of attendance summary that includes various employee data like attendance, weekly off and holidays organization-wise, department-wise and user defined period-wise
  • Facilitates defining common rules and parameters like number of duplicate punches allowed, auto shift correction, maximum late-in/early-out allowed time, password security, etc. as templates that can be applied globally to all users

Time and Attendance Management System is a great solutions for business

Briefly, Our Biometric clock in System will help fix;

  1. working hours.
  2. automatic shift allocation.
  3. import shift.
  4. Daily & monthly Attendance report.
  5. Leave taken / balance report.
  6. Actual log report.
  7. Holiday group creation by Branch.
  8. Employee portal for leave apply / cancel.
  9. Leave approve / reject by approving officer.
  10. Multi User creation by branch.
  11. User Rights.
  12. Mobile monitoring app for field employees

Attendance Monitoring & Processing (TIME IN/OUT)

It will closely monitor the employee’s time in/out, lunch break & on duty movements and give you the appropriate report to identify who went out at what time and when they returned. Single click processing of the raw attendance data, Single to generate time in/out reports, Allows processing in bulk or individual employees within flexible date range, Option to manually change the timings for incomplete attendance by authorized users directly from attendance register and Absent tracking with remarks, with permission /without

Shift Management /Automatic Shift Allotment

Most of the manufacturing / engineering company facing the shift allotment issue in their time & attendance software. And some of the Time & attendance software are unable to calculate the night crossing shift, especially after midnight.

KASLEX SOLUTIONS Time & Attendance software will efficiently handle those issues. Our Attendance engine will handle the night shift as well as automatic shift allotment without any manual intervention. 


Overtime Management (OT)

Every company has their own overtime rules/policies and pay rate. Kaslex Time & Attendance software will allow to define/modify the Overtime as per your company norms. Even you can define special overtime pay rates and policies for public holiday & weekly off days.

Leave Management

This module contains the information about the employees leave details. There are so many kinds of leave for example sick leave, vacation, holiday etc., therefore with our HRMS you can easily add as more leave type as you can depending on your company/institution. Every employee must be assigned a leave approving officer/officers.

Projects delivered with Kaslex Time and Attendance

Kaslex TMS

Time and Attendance Management System (TMS), refers to the system and process at the intersection between Human Resource Management (HRM) and Information Technology. The system merges HRM as a discipline and in particular its basic HR activities and processes with the information technology field, whereas the programming of data processing systems evolved into standardized routines and packages of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

It also  monitor the entire time one/more employees will spend both on/off duty, from time in to time out of duty according to the scheduled shifts assigned of the employees in different work locations or branches and process the raw data into different reports. With this module, we have so many features to enable the HR/ADMIN Officer interact and generate different attendance reports like daily/ monthly, performance etc by employee /Department  /Shift/ Section/ Branch/ Designation etc.

This system is and can be fully customized to suit and solve any kind of different challenges faced in terms of human resource management. We have three different modules of Time and Attendance to suit different organizations’ needs with for different challenges:-

  1. Web Based Time and Attendance Management System.
  2. Desktop Time and Attendance Management System.
  3. Cloud based Time and Attendance Management System

This solution deals with the process of identifying the employees, recording their attendance hourly and calculating their effective payable hours or days. This solution should maintain the records of each and every employee and their time spend in to company/organization, which can be used for performance appraisal. Basing on that, Transfers removal, promotion & many more employee changes can be done.

The main objective/Goal of this system solution is to automate the manual hectic work load of keeping the daily events such as attendance, projects, works, appointments, etc, evolved in Human Resource department activities.

Powerful time attendance analysis reports

The Time Master gives users exactly what is required regarding any time and attendance based queries

  1. Report layout manager in-built with system.
  2. In/out detail report
  3. Absenteeism / presents report.
  4. Clocking time analysis report.
  5. Over time report.
  6. Authorized over time report.
  7. Early departure report.
  8. Total analysis report.
  9. Shift wise employee strength report.
  10. Manual modifications report.
  11. Leaves transactions report.
  12. Due leaves report.
  13. Leaves summary.